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Selling a Timeshare? Florida Might Have Your Back

They sing a popular song in the south that goes…  In Birmingham, they love the governor…, timeshare owners looking to sell their unit should just substitute Tallahassee.  Specifically they should love the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott.  Earlier this month, Florida’s new Timeshare Resale Accountability Act went into effect.  The law specifically regulates sales in Florida and while it doesn’t…read more →

Required Reading: The Timeshare Resort Public Offering Statement

Let me paint a picture that is a snapshot of nearly every resort purchase experience. You’re on vacation, you show up for a presentation, at the end of two hours you reluctantly say yes, and two hours after that you rushed to sign paperwork because the kids are ready to go and you’re late for dinner. Somewhere in those final…read more →

Choosing a Reputable Resale Broker

The Timeshare resale market is by no means a new wrinkle to the global timeshare sales world.  The Timeshare industry projects sales for 2012 to exceed $8 billion dollars in U.S. sales alone.  While a small percentage of that figure is made up of timeshare resales, that percentage continues to grow yearly as the timeshare owners become more savvy to…read more →