Timeshare Resale

Do Not Become a Victim of a Scam

Has someone contacted you indicating they have a buyer waiting? Has someone told you that they work with TCSG and/or TCSG and requesting you send a money pack or money through a wire service? Timeshare Closing Group, LLC. has worked hard to establish a reputation for credibility and fair and honest dealings.  There is a significant number of unscrupulous “resellers” claiming to…read more →

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Timeshare on the Resale Market

What is a timeshare resale? A time share resale is simply a timeshare villa (either a week, interval, or points), which is being sold by the current owner rather than by the resort.  In most cases the owner purchased it directly from the resort at a much higher price than the asking price on the resale market. What is the…read more →

Choosing a Reputable Resale Broker

The Timeshare resale market is by no means a new wrinkle to the global timeshare sales world.  The Timeshare industry projects sales for 2012 to exceed $8 billion dollars in U.S. sales alone.  While a small percentage of that figure is made up of timeshare resales, that percentage continues to grow yearly as the timeshare owners become more savvy to…read more →