Timeshare Scam Advisory

Do Not Become a Victim of a Scam

Has someone contacted you indicating they have a buyer waiting? Has someone told you that they work with TCSG and/or TCSG and requesting you send a money pack or money through a wire service? Timeshare Closing Group, LLC. has worked hard to establish a reputation for credibility and fair and honest dealings.  There is a significant number of unscrupulous “resellers” claiming to…read more →

Timeshare Transfer Options

The Timeshare Industry is constantly on the watch for deceptive and unethical business practice.  Seemingly every ethical pocket of the industry that provides honest assistance to owners, often becomes the focal point of unethical or deceptive companies looking to take advantage of customers.  Unethical companies often mimicking the successful business plan of legitimate companies, while preying on the customers through unethical solicitation and…read more →